It’s strange that as I get older I find myself thinking about my childhood and remember it like it was just last week. A piece of music, a scent, or a sight, can trigger a distant memory. A snowfall invokes memories of hills I sledded down in winter, summer heat reminds me of the cool spring-fed pond where I caught crawdads and pollywogs, and the windswept waves of long grass bring thoughts of the vast valley between railroad lines where I felt like a lone explorer. A walk on the lakeshore brings back memories of swimming with friends, our dog Sparky rolling in the dead fish and keeping the windows down on the trip home to vent the smell. Sweet summers in Fair Haven with peeling sunburns and the smell of Noxema, days that seemed to last forever…

Because my brother still lives in our home town, he still sees and communicates with some of his first friends, those with whom we played stick ball, tag, and explored our surroundings. But my moving away in my early twenties severed all of those earliest ties. The homes of my friends are occupied by strangers now and all of our childhood friends parents are long gone. Billy Corradino’s bar, the Utica Market, Sereno’s restaurant, even the railroad tracks are all gone. But there is always that thought that if you wanted to, you could reconnect with those who shared those earliest times, bringing them back to life…

A few years ago I learned that my first best friend had died. Even though we didn’t pal around with each other through junior and senior high school, those earliest ties remain with me forever, and it was like a door had closed that can never be reopened when I learned Julie was gone. It severed childhood from adulthood with a sudden pain and regret that I had not connected with her after we had married and gone on with our separate hectic lives. How clear those days remain in my thoughts, playing house in her grandmother’s old chicken coop – I can still remember the musty smell of chickens long gone. I can see her clearly — French braids, plaid shirt and cotton shorts… Such innocent times…

So poignant and clear are those memories it would seem kinder if they had faded as the years did. But when I think of my mother, I see her not like she was at 84, but like she was before my father died, the vibrant young woman who was always there, thanklessly preparing our meals, cleaning our clothes, worrying about us. I see my father, tall and strong, with a twinkle in his eye and a broad smile. I remember his scent, the sweat of hard work and the railroad. I can hear him and Dick Buske laughing until tears flowed as they attempted to get the hang of a new toy called a hoola-hoop. I remember him taking me fishing down to the river and making for me a pole from a branch, some line and a hook, and watching as the fish nibbled the bait. Those days are like precious treasures I can take out and relive at any time. It’s just that I seem to be doing it more often these days.

Yes, there are wonderful memories of meeting my future husband, our high school days, falling in love, getting married and working hard to make a home, the birth of a son and a daughter. Watching them grow, taking them to ordinary places, a vacation in Redfield, hockey and baseball games, making memories they will treasure. There were backyard barbecues, playing cards with our neighbors. We left the city behind thirty years ago, and those years seemed to have flown by. It’s hard to believe we have been married 50 years and have grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

I look around these days and don’t see children playing outside the way we did and wonder what sort of memories they are making. We had no video games, we watched maybe five hours of television a week, but mostly we were outside from morning until the street lights came on. We had scabs and bruises in summer, red noses and numb fingers and toes in winter, but only a downpour kept us inside, and not always that deterred us when the rain was warm and the puddles deep. We had no expensive toys and used a stick and a ball or kicked an old ball, running the bases… Mr. Barney’s car was first base, pieces of cardboard were second and third base. In winter we built snow forts and had snowball fights, we went ice skating, sledding. We played hopscotch, hide-and-go-seek, jumping rope, roller-skating… A few days ago I watched my great-grandson run barefoot through the grass for the first time, chasing after his Uncle Jake, seeing the joy on his face and hearing him cry when his mother tried to bring him in the house. When do they lose that thrill of being outside?

I sometimes wonder what I would do if I could go back in time to those childhood days. What would I change? I know memories are selective, but I can think of little I would change. I only know I would appreciate and enjoy the good times even more knowing how truly special they were, and maybe hang onto that one perfect friendship that got away, taking a bit of those years along with me.

Childhood Memories



Exposing the Christian Persecution of Witches
in the 21st Century

How to Overcome the Controlling Powers of the Spirit of Christianity

I try to be respectful of people’s religions, but I refuse to remain silent or respect those who publish books and commentary that are blatant attacks on Witches and Witchcraft. In his book, Exposing Spiritual Witchcraft: How to Overcome Curses, Demons, Witchcraft & Controlling Powers, false prophet Jonas Clark uses the term “spirit of witchcraft” interchangeably with “Satan” in an attempt to malign witches and attribute malevolent acts to them. It is a tactic of evangelical Christian extremists to avoid taking responsibility for the evil they do by blaming others who are innocent victims of their ignorance, arrogance, and prejudice.

In order to reveal the truth regarding the spirit of Witchcraft, it is necessary that we set the record straight: The true spirit of Witchcraft is Nature. Witches work with herbs and natural elements and the creative force of the universe. They understand the importance of love and interconnectedness and their goals are peace, justice, equality, and living in harmony with nature.

While the majority of Christians are good people, I believe it is important to expose extremists like Jonas Clark who promulgate fear, hate, chaos, and violence, and will attempt to counter the lies with truth. In his pamphlet, “How Witchcraft Spirits Attack,” Jonas Clark admits he has declared a “spiritual war.” For some reason, as if channeling the Malleus Maleficarum, Mr. Clark wishes to rekindle the Witch Hunts of 15-17th century Europe and America by falsely claiming the force behind Witchcraft is Christianity’s own deity, Satan. It seems to be of little concern to him and his minions that… nowhere in history has there ever been a character known as the Devil or Satan in the religion of Witchcraft.

True Christians need to fight not Witchcraft, but the evil that exists within their own numbers. Blaming their sin and evil on Witches allows them to divert attention away from the wickedness and depravity that exists and is spread throughout the world by their own ministries.

Let’s turn the tables on this sort of propaganda. Using Clark’s evocative language, I offer an essay that exposes what can be termed the “Spirit of Christianity.”

Recognizing the Influences and Tactics of the Spirit of Christianity

So prevalent is the pervasive influence of the evangelical Spirit of Christianity in the 21st century that we have come to overlook how destructive and divisive it can be. Hundreds of books are offered on how to fight anything that might expose and oppose the Christian agenda including the one mentioned in my introduction. Rather than simply co-exist, we can see from the beginning of the biblical era that the goal of the Church and its many denominations has been to eliminate all others and take complete control of the spiritual aspects of every society and culture.

Christians are taught to never rely upon the wisdom of ancestors, masters, teachers, elders, and loved ones, but to put all their faith in an ancient collection of primarily anonymous books compiled by the Roman Catholic Church that demonstrate antiquated and harmful teachings, and the interpretations of them by men.

The Spirit of Christianity at Work in the Early Centuries

Note how their bible teaches them to deal with those who do not accept their religion and its God: 1 Kings 18:20-40… Elijah, God’s right hand man, follows God’s word and sets up a bit of trickery to impress the 450 prophets of Baal, a god who had been worshiped by the people for centuries. The demonstration included the supernatural lighting of a fire, and the killing of an ox for a sacrifice. Baal was called out by the priests, but refused to take part in this depraved exhibition. If there was to be bloodshed, it was all on the hands of Elijah and his God.

Elijah’s show managed to impress the priests and they eventually declared Elijah’s God to be their God. Elijah’s response… he ordered every single prophet slaughtered, taking care to not let any escape and witness to what had taken place.

The Spirit of Christianity is a murderous and punishing one, with thousands of people butchered throughout the centuries in his name. The Christian Spirit also led one of the first Christian bishops, Cyril, to incite a mob of Christians in the brutal murder of Hypatia, a practitioner and teacher of the philosophy of Plato and Plotinus in Alexandria. Part of the reason for Hypatia’s vicious murder is the fact that she was a woman who dared to teach men, something the Christian leaders condemned. Even today, some sects continue to prohibit women from teaching men.

The Source of Evil Spirits: God

The Bible relates many instances of the God they worship sending evil spirits to control and manipulate men to achieve his goals. In Judges 9:23, God sent an evil spirit to come between Abimelech and the men of Shechem, so that the men of Shechem would deal treacherously with Abimelech.

In 2 Kings 2:23ff, we see this Spirit at work again with the wanton slaughter of 42 children by she-bears sent by God. Their crime? Calling Elisha bald!

The Christian Spirit can be seen in those who have and still use their holy book to support slavery, segregation, subjugation of women, working against equal rights and judging others through a pharisaic veil.

Here are just a few of the many instances of the Christian Spirit at work in the world…

• Doeg the Edomite killed 85 priests and all the men, women, children, infants, oxen, donkeys, and sheep with a sword. 1 Samuel 22:18-19
• Elijah (and God) burned to death 102 men. 2 Kings 1:10-12
• David killed 200 Philistines to purchase his first wife with their foreskins. 1 Samuel 18:25-27
• Abishai killed 300 men with a spear. 2 Samuel 23:18, 1 Chronicles 11:20
• The chief of David’s captains killed either 300 (1 Chronicles 11:11) or 800 (2 Samuel 23:8) men with a spear.
• Shamgar killed 600 Philistines with an ox goad. Judges 3:31
• Samson killed 1000 men with the jawbone of an ass. Judges 15:14-15

All of these men were possessed by the Spirit sent by the God of the Bible.

Some might say that those things happened long ago and involved the Israelites, not those who follow Jesus Christ, but they are wrong. People, mostly women and children, are still being slaughtered in the name of the Bible God. Most are accused of being Witches, some are murdered simply because they are homosexual.

The Spirit of Christianity seeks to convert and enslave those who are ignorant of the truth of man’s religions and the Spirit that rules them. These conversions were and still are cruel, divisive, and bloody.

Compare this with Witches and the Craft of the Wise. While the Spirit of Christianity has a long history of greed, fear, and bloodshed, the spirit of Witchcraft produces a climate of peace, nature, equality, justice, interconnectedness, and caring for others.

Personal Experience

I have always been a Witch, I just didn’t know there was a name for it until I became an adult and studied the histories of Witchcraft and Christianity.

My initial experience with Christianity was from my birth into a practicing Protestant family. Before I was even an adolescent, I began receiving religious indoctrination twice a week. Most of this was in preparation for my joining the church. The day came for my initiation (confirmation) into the congregation and I could not go through with it. I knew somewhere deep inside this was not the right path. Shortly thereafter, I left man’s religion and remained estranged for many years.

My next encounter with the Spirit of Christianity was when I got engaged and my fiancé and I were preparing for our wedding. We met with the priest of his church and were told that if I, a non-member, wanted to marry in his church, I had to sign an agreement to raise our children in that faith. This combination of blackmail and coercion was a transparent ploy to ensure future church membership/income. Clearly, man’s religions are about the church’s desire for power and control.

Still, as a spiritual person, years later I gave the church another try. Once more, the Spirit encountered there was one that made me quite uncomfortable. While working on the pastoral search committee I was amazed to learn how many members were against even considering a woman for their pastor. The prejudice against homosexuals was even more disturbing. In an effort to reconcile myself with what I learned during those years, I took courses in comparative religion and studied the history of Christianity. I became a liturgist and lay preacher. But the truth could no longer be denied, the Spirit of Christianity was malevolent and manipulative and I finally left for good.

Invasive Tactics of the Spirit of Christianity

Some of the weapons of Christianity include subtle incorporation into public and governmental institutions, and degradation and coercion based on fear:

You are told you are a sinner, incapable of attaining spiritual oneness with your God on your own. Your very spirit is left corruptible and susceptible to his adversary, a deity named Satan, whom he created, giving him dominion over the earth to tempt, deceive, mislead, and trick his people.

The God of the Bible demands to be loved and you are taught to follow his impossible rules and commandments. The only way you can be assured of your place in heaven and spared being condemned to a place of torture and torment called “hell” for all eternity is to accept a holy man, Jesus, as your lord and savior.

So strong is the Spirit of Christianity that it has infiltrated every aspect of our lives. Even though there was a clear separation of church and state intended by our founding fathers, we took little notice in the 1950s when the Eisenhower administration, with direct pressure from one of the Spirit of Christianity’s soldiers, Billy Graham, corrupted the Pledge of Allegiance by adding the element of God to it. It was then forced into our public schools, with children being compelled to recite the corrupted version at the beginning of every school day. References to a God still appear on our currency and in our halls of justice.

Lies: The Force behind the Spirit of Christianity

Many lies permeated the Middle Ages and brought about the executions of thousands accused of being Witches. Even though most were innocent, the intent of the slaughter was clear. Their arrogant judgment of what they did not understand led to some of the most horrendous killings ever perpetrated. It’s the same sort of misguided proclamations that have resulted in unknown numbers of homosexuals being murdered or dead by suicide as a direct result of pernicious evangelical teachings.

Even today, ignorant religionists are brutally killing people accused of Witchcraft. How much evil has to be perpetrated before these people recognize the wickedness is in them and their deeds?

The reason for all these lies and attempts to demonize Witches/Wiccans/Pagans is to divert attention away from all the evil perpetrated by Christians against Witches and Pagans through the centuries. But we are more educated on the history of Christianity and will no longer allow the lies to go unchallenged. It’s time for Christians to stop using Witches as scapegoats to blame for the evil in their lives.

Preying on the Vulnerable

The spirit of Christianity seeks out the weak, the ignorant, and those easily influenced. Missionaries prey on native peoples in third world countries, often under the guise of medical aid. Then they give these uneducated, unworldly, and vulnerable people a lesson in fear of Witches, using their holy book as the authority for the climate of spiritual authority, chaos, hatred, and self-righteousness. Their goal is to influence their followers to torture and kill Witches, as can be seen by what follows their missions to third world countries. We read that children are being accused of being witches, abused, dismembered, and killed in Nigeria, Papua New Guinea, Brazil, and other places, where pastors prey on fears of black magic to drum up a lucrative trade in ‘exorcisms.’

Searching for Weakness

The Spirit of Christianity’s purpose is to advance itself by gaining control of you. From the very beginning their goal has been to increase their numbers in order to gain power. Christian proselytizers know where you are vulnerable and will offer ways to help you in your particular situation. This is when the Christian will tell you that all your troubles will melt away if you only turn them over to their God and accept the conditions attached thereto. Once they have pulled you in, their agenda becomes clear. You will be asked to “tithe,” a nice word for getting money out of you to forward their ministry and recruit as many others as you can.

The Spirit of Christianity, working through man’s churches, continually makes members feel like no matter how good they are, they still fall short of their God’s expectations… unless they admit their evil deity has influenced, misled, or caused them to err (sin). This scapegoat technique allows them to blame their Satan deity for the evil they do, and absolves their God from bearing any responsibility for it. A simple confession and contrived repentance is claimed to make it right again… until the next time. Thus the unwitting member will be engulfed in a catch-22 where they must remain faithful to the institutionalized church. Fear, guilt, and need are the tools of the Spirit of Christianity.

Beware the Deception

Christians will find special jobs for you to do within the cult/congregation like teaching others, “spreading the gospel,” and attending their meetings, in order to make you feel needed.

You are told you will be “born again,” a manipulation that promises your problems will disappear if you follow their Spirit. You are likely to be told you will gain supernatural capabilities if you follow their Spirit, like speaking in strange tongues, curing sickness, and handling vipers. Eventually you will feel obligated to them and fearful of leaving lest you lose your eternal soul to sin. Remember, it is very difficult to leave once they have indoctrinated you into their spiritual sect.

The Spirit of Christianity is the same one that motivated the Pharisees. There is a subtle sense of entitlement — only those who follow their Spirit will get a heavenly reward; and a sense of superiority — no other tradition is right and everyone who does not follow their Spirit will end up in a place their God has made to punish and torture them for all eternity. This fear tactic worked especially well during the Dark Ages, the Crusades, and the Witch Hunts in Europe and America. If you want to know the true Spirit of Christianity, just look at their history of persecution and death.

Those under the control of the Spirit of Christianity are trained to work on your emotions, especially fear. They will offer you their hand in friendship, speak in a soft soothing voice, smile, and exude a false sense of peace and community. They will alienate you from your friends and family who might interfere with the control they seek to have over you by telling you not to associate with those who will try to turn you back to your “sinful ways.” Terms like “grace,” “confession and repentance,” “salvation,” “agape,” “covenant,” and the false concept of “free will” help identify those working through the Spirit of Christianity to gain control of you. Such devices are intended to tear you down and remake you in their Spirit’s image.

Guilt & Responsibility

Those under the influence of the Spirit of Christianity attempt to make you feel guilty and insist you “confess” to God and “repent” your sins. Guilt and fear are insidious weapons. Christians rely more on getting forgiveness from their deity than taking responsibility for the situation and addressing the conflict in ways that promote peace and justice. Their Satan deity is claimed to rule over the world and is often blamed for the evil people do, which absolves them from taking full responsibility here and now.


One of the most revealing elements of the Spirit of Christianity is hypocrisy. Even though Jesus has little patience for blatant hypocrisy, it is part and parcel of most Christian activity.

“Many will say to me on that day, ‘Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in your name, and in your name cast out demons, and in your name perform many works of power?’ And I will declare to them, ‘I never knew you; depart from me, you who practice lawlessness.’”

While prostituting their own holy book to teach prejudice, hate, and violence against homosexuals — something that is never addressed by Jesus, the gospel writers, or the great prophets — those under the Spirit of Christianity get divorced and remarry and live in a perpetual state of adultery that Jesus clearly forbids. Others are clearly overweight, ignoring Jesus’ admonition against gluttony. While they spread lies about Witches and Witchcraft, they defy Jesus’ instructions about prayer and caring for the poor and needy.

“Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! For you are like whitewashed tombs which on the outside appear beautiful, but inside they are full of dead men’s bones and all uncleanness. Even so you too outwardly appear righteous to men, but inwardly you are full of hypocrisy and lawlessness.”

Prayer vs Spellwork

How are they different? Often a prayer is intended to manipulate non-believers by enlisting the assistance of God, angels (demons), and saints. They often pray for you to abandon your path and join theirs. You will see athletic teams praying for victory, which is nothing more than a curse on their opponents. After natural disasters, many can be heard to thank God for saving them while he apparently ignored the prayers of those who lost loved ones and even their own lives. We read about children with devastating cancers. While entire congregations, parents and family pray for a miracle, God will be claimed to reach down and save one child while allowing another to suffer greatly and die. Make no mistake, however, Christian curses will not be tolerated and will be exposed and dealt with as necessary.

Spellwork does not rely upon the capricious intervention of and will of one particular God, it calls upon the correspondences and elements of nature and universal powers to bring about change for the benefit of self and others. Most importantly, the Witch is an active participant in the realization of good works.

Prophecy and Divination

The main problem with Christian and biblical prophecy is that only one source is allowed, and that source has proved unreliable, leading people to feel anxious, depressed, and too often led to suicide. The Spirit of Christianity is not at all accurate, as has been proved over and over again from the first century C.E. While too numerous to relate here, there are some failed prophecies that stand out.

In Matthew 16:28, Jesus himself predicted his return within the first century (this generation). His followers are still waiting, and over 240 prophecies of his return have failed to this date.

Godly men who have called on the Spirit of Christianity to prophecy include Paul of Tarsus who prophesied the rapture in his lifetime. Saint Clement 1 predicted the world would end at any moment. Saint Martin of Tours predicted the end would come before 400 C.E. Benjamin Keach, a 17th century Baptist, predicted the end of the world for that year. 1736: British theologian and mathematician William Whitson predicted a great flood similar to Noah’s for October 13th of that year. 1794: Charles Wesley, one of the founders of Methodism, thought that Doomsday would occur in that year.

Isaiah 7:14 prophesizes that the Lord himself will come and his name will be Immanuel (see also Matthew 1:22-23). The one who has been proclaimed as the Lord, however, has never been called Immanuel.

Divination and future telling incorporate many natural elements and tools and provide the seeker with a means to prepare for what is to come so they can change the course of events that may be harmful. I have seen how accurate such divination is and how it has helped many people direct their lives in successful ways.

True prophecy must come from reliable and proven sources. Our ancestors, masters, and teachers, along with the wisdom gained through the Akashic Records, and our experiential traditions give us the ability to divine that which is likely to occur and how best to deal with it.

The Masculine Spirit of Christianity

According to the Spirit of Christianity, God is male. It is taught that women are lesser, weaker creatures to be kept under the control of their fathers and husbands, while their fathers and husbands are under only God. Even among slaves, females are worth less than males. Women are considered “unclean” for a longer period of time when the newborn is female. Concubines and daughters are used, abused, even brutally raped to death. Women are forced to marry their rapists and are taken as spoils of war. In the Spirit of Christianity it is a curse to be born female.

There is no room for a Divine Mother in Christianity, no feminine aspect to call upon, no balance, no harmony. Many will attempt to dispel this disparity by claiming he is either genderless or both male and female inclusively, but it does not alter the fact that every biblical reference to God is masculine. He is a deity of wrath, vengeance, judgment and punishment. There is no Sacred Womb, no regenerative Summerland, and no Cauldron of Rebirth.

Set Apart from Nature and Loved Ones

Those under the control of the Spirit of Christianity are denied the guidance and wisdom of the ancestors, teachers, wise elders, masters, and loved ones. Rather than an experiential path, Christianity relies on the dictates and scriptural interpretations of men. Their source is an antiquated collection of books that no longer exists in its original form or language, and has been redacted and revised throughout the centuries. Many people have been inspired to use the holy bible to justify segregation, slavery, subjugation of women, genocide, and marginalization of minority groups of people.

Rather than looking to nature as a guiding element, those under the Spirit of Christianity are told they are superior to nature and have dominion over it. We can clearly see what this sort of dominion produces with the pollution and destruction our world suffers.

What Witchcraft Is and Is Not

Witchcraft is the practice of those who revere nature, provide counsel, are wise in the ways of midwifery, herbal healing, divination, and who address issues of justice and equality. We venerate our ancestors, teachers, and elders. Our path is a personal and private way of life that supports loving relationships, family, and nurturing the divine spirit.

Witchcraft is not, nor has it ever had any connection to the Christian deity called Satan. Witches do not work with malevolent spirits or demons for the purpose of bringing harm to self or others, though they are adept at recognizing and dealing with them. Witches are not interested in enslaving, proselytizing to, or converting others. Such actions only corrupt our traditions.

Spiritual truth is found in Nature-based religions, those founded on universal interconnectedness and experiential principles.

Man’s religions, particularly evangelical Christianity, deny the power born in every human being. It teaches them that the only power available to them is that which comes from their transcendent deity.

How to Overcome the Spirit of Christianity

We must protect ourselves from the malevolent propaganda and persecution that has been perpetrated against us since the Dark Ages and well into the 21st century.

I reject the wrathful spirit of the God of the Bible.
I reject the concept of an all-evil Christian deity having power over me.
I reject the Spirit of Christianity that compels believers to fear, hate, and persecute others.
I reject all religions devoid of a Divine Mother.
I reject those who misinterpret and misrepresent their holy book to justify their evil ministries.

Divine Mother…
My third eye sees you…
in dreams,
in waking mists,
in quiet moments,
in all of Nature.

The wind whispers your name…
I hear you in the laughter of children,
in the rush of the sea,
in the creatures that sing in the night.

You are as near to me…
as my own breath,
as my own beating heart,
as your spark that indwells me.

You are the universe…
the source,
the womb from which all has come,
and to which all return.

You are love without conditions…
darkness and light,
warmth and cold,
joy and sadness…

Guide us when facing those who,
in the guise of religion wish us harm,
who assail us with lies, hypocrisy, and arrogance;
and who instigate fear and violence
in the name of their God.

We are a strong people,
we are a wise people,
and we will remain steadfast
against those who seek to control us. Tod estu!

Call on the Creative Force of the Universe
Called by many Mother Goddess…

The powers of the universe
surround those who of late
have tried to fill the world we love
with their ministry of hate.

May their evil ministries be revealed
to all the earth. Tod estu.!


Christianity denies the natural power born in every human being. It also hides knowledge of the Akashic Records so the people will rely on the church alone for wisdom and guidance.

If the people knew about the power, knowledge, and guidance available to all people they could find the truth in this universal energy that is the foundation of all that was, and all that is.

When people suppress their natural power which combines all the power of the universe that is available to them, they have rejected the truth.

So many different traditions are viewed as a weakness in paganism. But it is its strength. Christianity began in Rome, but it wasn’t long before it began to diversify, breaking off into over 600 denominations we have today. But they still have unity under the Christianity umbrella. It’s the same with paganism, only our unity is in our unwavering opposition to evangelical monotheistic patriarchy and its destructive Spirit.

Seek Spiritual Truth in All Things

Spiritual truth can be found in Nature-based religions, those founded on universal interconnectedness and experiential principles.

God is too big for man’s religions…
She is the universe, the origin of all that was, is, and is yet to be.

The Futility of Witch Wars
by Susan Mehegan AKA Morgana Le Fey
4 May 2013

For a moment, think about Witches in early Europe, before the savage persecutions, before narrow religionists decided to declare them evil.

While a few Pagans gathered in small groups for seasonal celebrations and the full and new moon, most Witches were solitary practitioners and Cunning Folk who could be found living alone in small cottages at the outskirts of villages. These were usually wise women who relied on teaching handed down through the generations. They were called on by villagers to provide remedies for human and domestic animal ailments, counseling, and midwifery. While they were quite capable of throwing curses when necessary, they were more focused on helping those in need. The religious aspects of their lives were pretty much private, though we have been able to piece together information about the gods and goddesses they called upon and honored.

The real cause of today’s Witch Wars is the influence of organized religions. As Christians we were taught that our particular sect was the one and only true way and that all others were false and they would end up judged and thrown into the mythological hell/hades for imagined sins. That attitude caused separation and the establishment of over 600 different denominations of Christianity, all of whom have the one and only truth. And it sent the Craft underground where some are forced to remain to this very day.

Part of the problem within institutionalized religion is that there is only one source of enlightenment. It is a book that was compiled from fragments of writings by anonymous men millennia ago. The book has been translated and re-translated, redacted, and interpreted by many men over the centuries so that it is no longer reliable or authoritative. It arose in times and within cultures that simply do not apply today. The original scripts were lost long ago, leaving nothing more than the impressions of translators and interpreters. Even so, it is the single tenuous thread that holds institutionalized religion together.

Witchcraft is experiential. It involves intimate interaction with the Divine and the counsel of the Ancestors. It can also be entirely traditional, with practices handed down over generations and thus need not have any deity connection. One thread that seems to weave us together, however, is our connection with Nature, the one ever-evolving book that man did not write.

The Craft is a constantly developing line of connection that brings us face to face and spirit to spirit with the force from which we came. Because it is experiential, it touches and teaches each individual in unique ways. My own experience has proved to be a connection on a somewhat peer level. Oh, I’m not saying I am equal to the Gods, but when they interact with me it is a collaboration of energies. And while theirs is much greater, both are important in making things happen, so in essence, we serve each other.

The Gods I honor and the Ancestors teach that to serve the Divine is to care for others and build that interconnectedness we all feel. So as to avoid the antiquated influences of institutionalized religion, I try not to use the terms that are associated with them like “worship,” “servant,” “sacraments,” “sin,” etc. But I have no problem with those who do, because I understand that the Gods speak to us in terms we best understand.

Those who are part of a family trad have the benefit of a direct line that passes on tried and true generational experiences. If you are the first in your line, create your own family tradition to be passed on. Since the Craft is evolving and flowing, the age of the tradition is of no real importance, as each inheritor will continue using what works, adding new, and removing those aspects that no longer apply. This is the beauty of an experiential path.

A word about covens: While many require this connection with others who share their beliefs, I find they seldom work in the long run. Often the high priest/priestess seems to become entrenched in his/her position and becomes a conductor of ritual and rules rather than a participant, and their role in mentoring others seems to get lost along the way.

“Contemporary Witchcraft is fluid, and virtually any Witch can start a new tradition, as well as a coven. Smaller ones abound, even one-coven traditions. Some of them are short-lived. Some covens choose to be eclectic, blending various traditions together or incorporating elements of shamanism or other religions. Even within traditions, covens vary in the emphasis given to aspects of the Craft.” — from _The Encyclopedia of Witches & Witchcraft, Second Edition _, by Rosemary Ellen Guiley.

And while it is important that we connect with others like ourselves, there is nothing more powerful than sitting/standing before your private altar and communing one-on-one with the one(s) who set it all in motion. Personally I think Witch Meet-ups can be a more invigorating experience than covens as they are less formal and allow for all to have an unscripted part in the gathering, each bringing their own unique experience to the group. This is an excellent way to find the right mentor for you if you are seeking or simply share recipes and discoveries that have worked for you.

The best thing we can do for one another is to shed that attitude of there-is-only-one-way to believe or experience our spiritual path. This is a holdover from organized religions that will not serve us in our continuing journey. When someone tells you that Witches, Wiccans, or Pagans celebrate this or that way, know that it is how THEY experience their beliefs. It is how THEY are taught. It is obviously the will of the Gods that our roads take different turns, that we are not intended to march in one step and approach life in just one way. We are liberated to follow our hearts, to think for ourselves.

It is not always easy, but when someone says, Witches do this or Pagans do that, you can reply that some do, but each is unique and different. Each hears the Voice of the Wind that speaks to them alone, just as it did for our Ancestors. And when we speak, while it may sound like a generalization, it is simply a reflection of our own individual experience. Listen. You might learn something new that can be incorporated into your own tradition. If you don’t, you have at least become wiser in the ways by sharing what we know.

And always, YMMV.

Every so often we come upon a Christian site that pretends to know all about Witches and Witchcraft but actually reveals lies, ignorance, prejudice, and an attempt to corrupt our young people and seekers of a better way.  Here is the latest.

This becomes so tedious, but it is necessary to dispel lies, misrepresentations, and transparent diversions, contradictions, and hypocrisy.  We find claims by hateful evangelicals that they are versed in the subject of Witchcraft, Paganism, and Wicca; but nearly all who make such claims clearly have not studied anything remotely related to the subject.  They rely upon their own distorted ideas and failure to learn what they blindly wish to attack.

I see from the pentagram you wear and all your other magical charms that you believe in the power of magic.  Perhaps you have attended a Wiccan gathering or you have participated in magic rituals.  I don’t know.

I see from the cross you wear and all of your other magical charms that you believe in the power of Christian magic and mysticism and somehow feel that entitles you to make false statements about other religious and spiritual paths and pass judgment on things you clearly know nothing about. 

But so many questions fill my mind.  Have you “drawn down the moon” yet?  Have you ever felt a power come upon you?  Do you worship a particular goddess?  Have you been initiated?  Do you have a Wiccan name?  Have you gone sky-cladding?  Are you in the outer or the inner circle?  Have you used blood in your rituals?  Have you ever called forth a familiar spirit?

First, do not confuse Witches/Witchcraft with the modern religion of Wicca.  Do not try to pass off practices based on ancient practices as “new age” or other false entities.

Drawn down the Moon… Yes, to experience indwelling deity cannot be compared to any other human experience.  It is something that cannot be experienced by those who belong to institutionalized religions that follow a transcendent God. 

Worship the Goddess… I honor the creative force of the universe I call Goddess/Mother.  We have no desire to honor or worship a male middle eastern desert deity fashioned after earlier pagan religions and devoid of a complete divine family. 

No, I’ve dedicated myself, but I’ve never been initiated.  I suppose that would be similar to the Christian acts of baptism and confirmation.  It’s not something real witches worry about.  Wiccan name… no, I’m a Witch, not a Wiccan. 

Gone “sky-cladding”… a rather modern practice.  Manner of dress or undress are not really relevant to me, nor is there any indication that it was relevant to our ancient ancestors.  Many of our rituals take place outdoors and as such we find it more comfortable to be clothed.  But I do understand there are religious sects that have come to view the human body as something disgraceful.  Witches have no such idiosyncrasies

 Inner or outer circle… I use only one circle, a sacred circle that sets apart space wherein rituals can be performed, quite like the altar in a church building. 

Blood in rituals… no.  I think only Catholics deal with blood in rituals. 

Called forth a familiar spirit… sure.  We are surrounded by spirits who guide us and help us when we have the need.  Those of institutionalized religions do the same; they call the spirits they call upon “saints” and/or “angels.”

The reason I am writing to you is that I have studied the occult for over thirty years and I have come to certain conclusions.  I know that you will disagree with some of my conclusions because we have traveled different paths.  But I have the added benefit of the testimonies of those who used magic in the highest levels possible such as the Golden Dawn and the O.T.O. and then have come to faith in Jesus Christ and have now renounced magic.

If they have turned to faith in Jesus Christ, they have not renounced magic… they simply call it by another name.  There is no indication whatsoever that the author has any knowledge regarding ancient practices and Witchcraft.

All I ask is that you have an open mind and give serious attention to the things I now bring up.  Remember an unexamined faith is a worthless faith.

It was having an open mind that caused me to ultimately reject Christianity.

#1.  The fact is, magic does not work.  After all the talk about the “power” that people can get from magic, I have never known a more powerless group of people.

The author has been seriously misinformed.  Our source is the Divine force of the universe.  I’ve experienced no similar power in man’s institutionalized religions.  And even my young grandson has on many occasions worked very successful magic.

What I have noticed is that for its claims, no one has ever been able to handle poisonous snakes without being made ill or dying as a result of its bite.  No human I’ve known has cast out demons or spoken in languages with which they have no knowledge.  I’ve never met anyone who has given everything they own to the poor and traveled with no baggage to do missionary work.

Many of those who use magic are sick all the time.  They go through multiple marriages.  They have money problems.  Their cars get flat tires.  They get their share of flues and colds.  Even more seriously, they cannot beat their own drug or sex addiction.  They are usually in bondage and totally powerless to change their life for the better.

Many of those who call on the Bible God and pray for healing every day are sick all the time.  They are told in the Bible that if they ask for anything in Christ’s name (John 14:14) it will be given to them.  Yet I’ve witnessed devout believers pray day and night over a child dying of cancer only to watch him/her suffer a slow and painful death.  Face it, their brand of magic simply does not work. 

As many who use magic are sick as those who engage in Christian magic.  It’s part of being on a human voyage.  Every single person, religious or not, will suffer illness, and every single person will one day die.  We are not here to avoid the experiences; we are here to learn from them.

Bondage:  I can think of no group in greater bondage than those who worship the Bible God (I’m referring to fundamentalist and evangelicals).  They must follow the commandments written in an ancient book or risk their very souls. They have been deemed unworthy and incapable of true relationship with their God because of their “sin.”  They are, in fact, commanded to love their God.  Witches cannot imagine worshiping a deity who has to resort to commanding them to love him.

Let’s address real hypocrisy and the false teachings in which institutionalized religions are mired.  The book such believers follow has been redacted and translated too many times to count, yet it supposedly remains static.  Following its ancient practices and edicts prevents the follower from growing spiritually and renders them unable to relate to the Divine on a level that transforms them from the inside out.  While they latch on to excerpts that tickle their prejudices and personal worldly beliefs and distort what the book actually says, they reject out of hand those things that condemn what they do or that can no longer be applied to life in the 21st century.  They talk about “biblical marriage” yet have long ago abandoned true biblical marriage.  Such dishonesty does not happen in the Craft. 

If magic really worked, they would never be sick.  They would win every horse race in town!  They would own Wall Street by now!  They would be able to maintain a successful marriage.  Witches would be picking the winning lottery numbers every week.  But the fact is, when the “rubber meets the road,” magic simply does not work.  You can waste a lot of money and time on magic and be no better off.  In fact, you will end up worse off.

If you substitute the word “Christian magic” (prayer and ritual) you’d get the same results.  I have a wonderful marriage that spans almost 50 years.  I’ve been healed as a result of magic spells/rituals.  I have received financial help through magic spells/rituals.  And no deity has ever promised that if I say the right words that anything and everything I ask in a deity’s name will be given.  For us, it’s much more than simply asking and receiving.  You are not granted that which will bring harm to you or someone else.

#2.  Their lame duck excuses as to why they are sick or why they can’t keep their marriage together or why they aren’t rich, are weak and feeble.  One psychic “healer” (a relative of mine) is sick all the time.  Her first husband is dying of cancer!  When she boasted to me of her magical powers, I confronted her with the rather obvious fact that her magic did not work for her or for her ex-husband.  She replied that her magic will not work for herself.

I know many, many evangelical Christians who are chronically sick, and experience failed marriages, even though they have given their troubles and their lives over to Christ.  Christians do claim the ability to heal the sick, and heal marriages, yet their health and their marriages are just as sick if not more so than Witches.

But who says that you cannot heal yourself by magic?  Where is this written down?  And who says that your husband or wife cannot use magic to heal you?  If her magic cannot help herself or her husband, then what good is it?

The truth is that no magic, whether Christian or Witchcraft, can heal what ails humanity all of the time.  Witches do indeed heal themselves.  Why this person’s make believe psychic friend can’t is personal to her, not a general fact.  My husband’s cousin was a wonderful devoted priest.  He died in his 20s of cancer.  Why didn’t God heal him?  He was doing God’s work.  He gave his entire life over to Christ.  Since Christian magic (prayer/ritual) cannot heal everyone all the time, even the most deserving, what good is it?

I could not help but also point out that she is always crying about money problems.  What use is her magic if it cannot make her rich?

Magic is not a game.  It is a serious matter that must be used very judiciously.  One does not become rich by working magic any more than one becomes rich when they pray to Jesus for it, even though the Christian holy book promises that you will be given everything you ask for in his name.  Why doesn’t it work for the Christian?

#3.  A magical worldview is internally contradictory and hypocritical:

To say, “There are no absolutes” is to give an absolute.

Double-talk nonsense.  Of course there are no absolutes.  That is blatantly evident in observing different cultures in different times.  In the Bible rape was condoned as was slavery, plural marriage, concubinism, human sacrifice, and genocide.  Murder was sanctioned and even practiced by the Bible God.

To say, “Do what thou wilt, this is the whole of the law” has been used to justify everything from black magic to human sacrifice.

I don’t recall the Jews and early Christians who practiced human sacrifice using some non-existent “law” to justify it.  It was used to appease God.  Sacrifice has been practiced in all ancient religions and cultures.  It is not practiced in Witchcraft or any other religion today except Catholicism.

As to “Do what thou wilt” … this is proof that the author of this article has not studied Witchcraft and its history at all.  He seems to think that this phrase taken out of context means Witches are free, both morally and ethically, to do anything negative and not be held accountable.  We know this is a blatant lie.  If the author actually knew anything about the practice of Witchcraft, he would know that the phrase is summed up, “Love is the law, love under will.”  Even so, Witches have never adhered to such a diktat, it is associated only with modern Wicca.

If there are no standards, then on what grounds can witches condemn child abuse, Hitler, murder, etc?  They can’t.

Who says there are no standards?  Of course we can and do condemn those things as they are crimes against humanity and nature.  Witches are some of the most moral and ethical people you can know, because they understand perfectly that each and every one of us must take full responsibility for all we do and all we promote.  Thus it would not even enter our thoughts to ignore human atrocity.  What standard in Christianity condones and allows church leaders to sexually abuse children?  To divorce for reasons not sanctioned by Christ Jesus?  To take the road of judging others?  It’s time for the author to take the plank out of his eye.   

To say “Everything is relative” and “There is no evil,” and then to turn around and say that Christianity is “evil” is contradictory.

Nonsense.  There is no denial that evil exists, but it is not some strange creature outside ourselves that brings evil into our lives.  Evil exists because people create it themselves by what they say and what they do.  Christians don’t take full responsibility for it, however.  They rather blame it on some all-evil creature they invented to absolve themselves.

To say, “Everyone has the right to believe what they want” and then to condemn Christians for what they believe is contradictory.

Maybe that’s because that is a blatant lie.  Christians, like all who perpetuate evil, condemn themselves.  Everyone has the right to believe what they want, but they do not have the right to force it on others, nor are they absolved when what they believe causes harm to others.  Witches KNOW evil, they don’t have be given a list of wrongdoings in order to recognize it.

To say, “Do what thou wilt” and then to tell Christians NOT to do what they wilt is hypocritical.

This makes no sense whatsoever.  If Christians want to do what they wilt, that’s up to them.  Taking the phrase out of context completely and purposely distorts the meaning, however.  It’s no better than taking this phrase, “…God our savior [who] desires all *men* to be saved and to come to the knowledge of truth…” out of context to show that Christian men only are eligible to be saved and come to the knowledge of truth. Women are not included in that promise.  If you clearly have no understanding of a phrase, don’t try to use it as a teaching premise.  You make a fool of yourself.

To say, “It is wrong to judge/condemn others,” and then to judge/condemn Christians is contradictory.

Nope, no contradiction at all.  We are quite free to judge and/or condemn others as we see fit.  This author, however, is clearly judging Witches based on lies and misinterpretations, which is clearly condemned by his God.

#4.  A magical view of life does not correspond to reality.  No magic is going to make you thin if you do not stop eating.  No magic will make you rich if you do not get up and go to work.

That’s quite right.  If there is a point there, it misses.

The claim of modern witches that they are reviving pre-Christian paganism is not historically true.

Yes, it is historically true.

The rituals and beliefs of modern day magic are of recent origin.

The author needs to study history.  We base our rituals and daily workings on ancient pre-Christian practices – agricultural, lunar, solar, fertility, natural healing; and their corresponding seasonal celebrations.  They are combined with what we learn and experience now.  Therefore, they are a combination of both the old and the new.

A close relative of mine who is into the occult told me that he was going to use magic to get himself a parking space in N.Y.C.  I in turn told him that I would ask Jesus to get me a space.  He drove around for four hours before finding a place while I found one at once and did not have to go around the block even once!  His magic was not even good enough to find him a parking space!

The old “close friend” ploy, huh.  The process of visualizing and manifesting such things as parking spaces is nearly 99% effective for me.  I don’t use it that often, however, because it is a trivial use of the power of the Craft.  If the author finds one immediately, and attributes it to a ritual or spell, that’s great.  But he can’t expect it to work every time.  Neither do Witches.

A magical view of life is a cop out and it breeds irresponsibility.  Instead of taking responsibility for their life, those who use magic always blame “bad luck” or claim that someone is using black magic against them.  The truth is that YOU are responsible for the choices you make in life – not magic.

Nice attempt at diversion, but the truth is the exact opposite.  It is Christians who blame something else – their “Satan” deity – for the bad that happens.  If the author knew anything at all about Witches, he would know that we accept completely that we are responsible for all we do.  There is no such thing as “magic made me do it.”

It attracts people with mental problems.  Sad but true.  I have seen this many, many times.  The State Mental Hospitals are filled with people who were users of magic.  It appeals to nut cases.

I have to wonder how people can live with themselves when they make up such lies.  There is no truth whatsoever in that comment.

They live in constant fear of the powers they draw down.

Why on earth would we fear the powers that freely love and join with us?

Hence they need the occult protection of the circles, towers, shields, charms, etc.  What a terrible religion of fear!

Another attempt at diversion.  There is nothing hidden (occult) in the use of ritual.  There is little difference between Christian practices and Pagan practices.  The terrible religions are those that hold the faithful to them through fear – fear of angering a wrathful God and being sent to “hell” for what they do.  What a terrible religion of fear! 

If you depend upon trinkets such as pentagrams to protect you, you do not have any real power.

Just as a cross, holy water, prayer beads, candle lighting, incense, etc., don’t provide protection for non-Pagans?  The author is obviously ignorant of the fact that it is not the object that has power; it is energy that has been placed within it that gives it purpose.

To think that a stupid piece of metal or glass is going to protect you from a demon is just plain stupid.

First, we don’t have problems with “demons.”  Does this author really think that holy water or metal symbols protect them from their demons?  It is the power that has been concentrated in objects both they and Witches use all the time that provides protection.  They are important tools.   

The lust for blood is evil.  It has led to horrible crimes.  Killing animals and people for their “energy” is wicked as well as criminal.

Couldn’t agree more.  I assume that’s why most Christians no longer engage in such practices.

Sex magic is filthy and gross beyond words and involves child abuse, bestiality, sodomy, etc.  You will never have a normal satisfying sex life once you debase yourself in sex magic.

The author makes a fool of himself once again.  Sex magic involves only committed couples.  It has nothing to do with child abuse (the bastion of priests & pastors), bestiality, sodomy, or anything considered negative within a loving relationship.  It’s a real shame that people like the author of this article find something as beautiful as consensual love between two committed people to be “filthy.”  And here I thought that Puritans no longer existed…

Magic is for losers.  The greatest magicians all ended up broke, alone and miserable.  Check to see what happened to people like Crowley.  They were all losers.

Sorry, but Crowley did not live the lifestyle of a Traditional Witch.  As for losers, why do you think people cling to Christianity?  Because they consider themselves losers, sinners, and weaklings who cannot save themselves and must rely upon a scapegoat offered by their God.  Most Witches, including myself, have wonderful, loving spouses and families and live comfortable lives.

Whenever a true Christian challenges them, the magicians always lose.  I have challenged occultists to take their best shot and they always failed.  On one occasion, a coven sent demons to kill me but I did not even get a headache!

What nonsense.  Why would any Witch/Pagan engage in puerile games of power with religious egoists.  Really, this author needs to grow up. Witches aren’t into that sort of nonsense.

While there is a lot of hate and lust in magic, there is no love.

I have found that to be quite true with regard to evangelical and fundamentalist Christians today.

If you leave or reveal the secrets, they will try to kill you.  I helped to move a girl from Phil. to Fla. to escape her former occult friends.  If they really loved her, why did they try to kill her?  If she wanted to leave the group, why did they object to her doing what she wilt?

I don’t know a single Witch/Pagan who engages in hate or lust magic.  Don’t such idiots as the author of this article have any sense of logic or desire for truth?  If they must rely on such lies to promote themselves, their faith must be terribly weak.

There is no forgiveness, comfort or salvation in magic.  It has no Savior or God who loves and cares for you.  The occult is lonely, sad, cold and sterile.

Our Divine Mother does not place us in a position where we must be “saved” though the killing of another person.   Since we take full responsibility for all we do, rectifying situations of our own creation must include asking for forgiveness for our misdeeds.  Comfort and peace in our Creator Mother are superior to what we ever experienced from the Bible God.  We require no “savior” as we take full responsibility for all we do.  We do not need to use a scapegoat to make us spiritually right.  We do not find the acts of revenge, genocide, murder, and evil perpetrated by the Bible God to be loving in nature and reject them completely.

The Bible says that the true power behind the magical arts is Satan.  Those who deny this are the dupes of the devil.

Talk about dupes.  We care nothing for what a holy book written by men for the benefit of men says.  It’s a source that does not grow or change or provide for every circumstance we may encounter.  Making up an all evil entity and then claiming others worship it without their knowledge is simply ludicrous and the height of arrogance.

All you have been told about “Goddess worship” in history is a lie and has been refuted by many scholars years ago.  Most of what you believe and practice was invented in the 19th century by such evil people as Crowley.  The beliefs and rituals of modern witchcraft were not connected in any way with pre-Christian paganism.

Sorry, but this poor soul has been fed a bowl full of lies and lapped it right up.  Our most ancient ancestors worshiped the Feminine Divine.  They understood the concept of the fertility of the earth and all that exists on it.  They knew it could not be connected to a male god with no means of nurturing.


These are just a few things that came to mind as I thought about what I have learned in thirty years of research in the occult.  The Lord Jesus Christ has broken the power of the magic and has brought life, love and immortality to light through the Gospel.  Jesus Is Victor!

This is so sad.  When people have to resort to misrepresentation and lies, they are steeping themselves in the arrogance that Jesus adamantly condemned.  Jesus did not break the power of magic, he taught it!  He didn’t bring immortality; the spirit is and always has been immortal.  The immortal part of us is the spirit that was created by our Divine Mother from her very own spirit and delivered into the body.  We are not people having a spiritual experience; we are spirits having a human experience.   And Jesus wasn’t even the first to die and resurrect to save his people.  It’s an entirely pagan concept. 

The occult has nothing to offer that compares with the love of Jesus.

Jesus cannot begin to compare with the love we have in our Creator Mother.  She does not create evil entities to tempt and mislead us.  She does not sacrifice one for the lives of others.  Our Mother does not punish the spirit for the acts of the flesh.  She does not create places of torment into which she condemns her children.  The biblical idea of love is not even close to that which is experienced with our Divine Mother.

Turn to Him in repentance.  Renounce your witchcraft as the works of the devil.  Burn you magic books and smash you altars.  Turn or burn.  Repent or perish!  Jesus is Victor!

These words insult any god of love and can come only from someone who has never studied comparative religions or the ways of our ancestors.  Sadly, this author has totally bought into the religious institutions of man.  Some of us simply will not settle for such a vindictive “victor.”





I can’t imagine why the Catholic Encyclopedia allows entries to be published by people who have absolutely no knowledge of the subject.  The entry on divination is a good example of this.

“From a theological standpoint divination supposes the existence of devils who have great natural powers and who, actuated by jealousy of man and hatred of God, ever seek to lessen his glory and to draw man into perdition, or at least to injure him bodily, mentally, and spiritually.”

Um, no.  Those who are adept at different methods of divination suppose no such thing.  There is no supposition regarding jealousy or hatred involved in it.  Devils, whatever they may be, have no part in the practice of divination.  The foundation of divination is scientifically sound and natural in application.  Note that using a divining rod has long been an accurate means of finding water below the surface of the land and it has nothing to do with divine beings or evil spirits.

“Divination is not, as we have seen, foretelling what comes from necessity or what generally happens, or foretelling what God reveals or what can be discovered by human effort, but it is the usurpation of knowledge of the future, i.e. arriving at it by inadequate or improper means.”

No one and nothing can reveal complete knowledge of the future.  We can only divine one possible future, because the future is not set.  Thus the use of divining and/or scrying is to provide the seeker with information so that s/he can use it to make the best possible decisions that will impact that future.  Not only are methods of divination used today adequate, they have been proven to be reliable again and again.

“This knowledge is a prerogative of Divinity and so the usurper is said to divine. Such knowledge may not be sought from the evil spirits except rarely in exorcisms. Yet every divination is from them either because they are expressly invoked or they mix themselves up in these vain searchings after the future that they may entangle men in their snares.”

Complete and utter nonsense…  Divination does not belong to one group only, and it is not used for the purpose of entangling men in snares.  It recognizes no ‘evil spirits’ and is used to help us make wise decisions and recognize pitfalls before they beset us.  This source [CE] completely ignores the power of the mind and how it relates to psychic phenomena.  Anyone can practice divination to enhance their lives, with or without divine participation.

Suggested reading:
The Book of Divination, by Ann Fiery
The Art and Practice of Geomancy, Divination, Magic, and the Wisdom of the Renaissance, by John Michael Greer
The Complete Book of Psychic Arts: Divination Practices from Around the World, by Caroline Dow
The Magic Mirror: Divination through the Ancient Art of Scrying, by John Nelson
Divination for Beginners: Reading the Past, Present & Future, by Scott Cunningham
The Llewellyn Complete Book of Psychic Empowerment, by Carl Weschcke and Joe Slate
Futuring: The Exploration of the Future, by Edward Cornish

NOTE:  In these books one will not find a single reference to relying on ‘evil spirits’ or ‘demons’ in the practice of divination.

“The demon is invoked tacitly when anyone tries to acquire information through means which he knows to be inadequate, and the means are inadequate when neither from their own nature nor from any Divine promises are they capable of producing the desired effect.”

Again, the notion that demons are invoked as part of the process of divination is completely false.  There is nothing inadequate in the methods of divination used today.  Even children can divine through many natural venues.

“Since the knowledge of futility belongs to God alone, to ask it directly or indirectly from demons is to attribute to them Divine perfection, and to ask their aid is to offer them a species of worship; this is superstition and a rebellion against the providence of God Who has wisely hidden many things from us.”

No, it does not belong to someone’s particular god only.  I know a great deal about divination and on no occasion has involvement with ‘demons’ or ‘evil spirits’ been part of it.  In fact it doesn’t require the influences of any divine entity to work it.  To claim there is only one form of divination and that it is theirs alone is the sin of pride.  If a group wants to rely on only one source, their god, that is fine, but to attribute all others to some non-existent ‘demon’ or ‘evil spirit’ is an attempt to mislead serious seekers.

There are no claims of perfection in any form of divination.  And the reference to superstition is pretty odd coming from one of man’s religions that relies heavily on it.  

“In pagan times when divining sacrifice was offered it was idolatry, and even now divination is a kind of demonolatry or devil worship (d’Annibale). All participation in such attempts to attain knowledge is derogatory to dignity of a Christian, and opposed to his love and trust in Providence, and militates against the spread of the Kingdom of God.”

Sacrifice was used not only in Pagan religions, but also in early Christianity and Judaism and is irrelevant with regard to divination.  If your particular religion wants to teach divination is a form of idolatry, no problem, but to suggest that others not affiliated with that specific religion use divination that is associated with a ‘devil’ is a lie intended to mislead.  Divination does not oppose love of any kind and does not mitigate against the spread of any cult’s kingdom.     

“Any method of divination with direct invocation of spirits is grievously sinful, and worse still if such intervention ensues; with tacit invocation divination is in itself a grievous sin, though in practice, ignorance, simplicity, or want of belief may render it venial.”

Oh, for Pete’s sake, the invocation of spirits is exactly what Christianity relies on, specifically one particular god.  Some of them even rely upon the spirits of real people who have died whom they refer to as saints.  Bottom line:  if it is a sin for you, don’t do it.

Beware the hypocrisy of religions of man that condemn what others do but engage in it themselves and justify it by calling it prophecy rather than divination.


I was a child of the 50s, so I was pretty much a free range kid. My clearest memories are of being outside — rain, shine, winter, summer. I loved exploring the valley between our two railroad lines, eating wild apples, drinking from a cold water spring, and sledding on cardboard boxes in summer and sleds in winter.

I also liked to crawl up under the railroad bridge and wait until the train came thundering overhead. It made me feel exhilarated and closer to my dad who was a railroad engineer. Mom would have been mortified, so she never knew about that; it made her nervous enough when I climbed high up in the butternut tree out back, but I loved the view.

I can still remember summers when Mom and Dad would pile us all in the car, including neighborhood kids and our dog Sparky, and go to the shore. Dad would take a bar of Ivory soap, lather up and dive underwater to wash away the grime of a hot work day. The dog would always find a dead fish to roll over, so the windows had to be rolled down on the ride home. Our summer vacations in Fair Haven were also wonderful times.

Fondest memories include an early morning when the circus unloaded the train right next to our house and the simple pleasure of Mom whipping up a bowl of chocolate milk shake and the four of us on our stomachs on the living room floor with straws, competing for the ice cream lumps.

When I wasn’t playing with my friend Julie, and my brother (20 months older) was in a benevolent mood, he would include me in the boys’ kick ball games. Since I was quite a tom boy, this was always fun. His friends never seemed to object and were surrogate brothers throughout my youth. But if Mom made him take me to the movies, I had to sit away from him and his friends.

When indoors I amused myself with paper dolls, my doll house, and reading.

I also remember that my brother was Mom’s favorite. But I was my grandfather’s favorite — he called me his Sunshine. I was only 6 when he died and I still miss him.

Apart from some abuse at the hands of a babysitter, my childhood was a wonderful one, up until my father died when I was 12. After that most of the happiness of the house was gone. I was more than ready to leave when I got married at 18.

Fundamentalism & Politics — a Deadly Mixture

Can a marriage of government and regressive religiosity ever succeed?  The fundamentalists and Catholics don’t seem to realize the ramifications of their political infiltration and their demands and expectations.  If they want to get an idea of how such things turn out, they should look to Iran and other nations that maintain power within a religious state.  Is that what we want for America?

Christian regressives believe a woman should have no rights over her body and its reproductive functions, that a pregnancy that may or may not produce a live birth should have preference legally over her rights.  They believe also that gays are somehow less human than they are and thus do not deserve equal rights.

Religionists have every right to their beliefs.  And atheists, agnostics, and those of other beliefs have every right to be free from the oppression of those religionists.  Fundamentalist religionists have no self-imposed right to force their beliefs on all through national laws.

Let’s imagine a great politician with much backing who happens to be a devout Hindu.  Imagine his campaign to outlaw the slaughter and consumption of cattle.  This is a very critical aspect of their faith that involves the murder of human souls that inhabit the bodies of cattle.  This belief is older than Christianity.  Surely we as a society should support a candidate that is determined to protect the innocent souls of our ancestors.

Now imagine a powerful Jewish candidate running for office and his moneyed constituents demanding laws to make it illegal to touch any product of a pig.  Would we even take such a political position seriously?  Are these positions any less valid than those of the regressive religionists running for the GOP nomination right now?  Are only fundamentalist and Catholic beliefs valid in our pluralistic society?  Are their demands and expectations even constitutional?

Do not be deceived; the Catholic Church is a political entity and has been from the very beginning when Constantine declared it the state religion in Rome, a move that opened the world up to some of the worst crimes against humanity ever witnessed, from the witch hunts to the Crusades.

Remaining silent is not an option we can afford.  Those regressives who have taken over the GOP are attempting to erode the very foundation of this republic and I have to wonder why so many people are supporters of this fascist effort to destroy this diverse nation.