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Posted by Pentacle Project on October 2, 2011
Written by Morgana

Note:  This cult has ties to Rick Perry and all Tea Party conservative politicians.

“The far right of Christian fundamentalism, if unchecked, might not stop at book burning in their zeal to fight ‘Satan’, and might go at least as far as pervasive suppression of civil liberties.”

As many of you now know, these extremist Christians are willing to destroy the nation that is our home, the nation that shelters them, and has given them the very freedoms they seek to take away from others.  This nation suffers from religious factions bereft of intelligence, compassion, and a sense of justice.  The DC 40 and other such cults are the enemy within, and we must do what we can to stop the spread of this evil that seeks to turn our republic into a theocracy of narrow religiosity determined tear asunder the Constitution that holds us together.

Rather than destroy Paganism, Atheism, Islam, and any other religion or entity they seek to destroy, they have succeeded in bringing us into unity against the evil of their insidious cult.

Suggested Responses

On each target date (see list below), fast for one meal and work toward sending protective energies out to stop the spread of this evil.   Concentrate throughout the day on your vision of the particular state, such as black sand beaches, volcanoes, warm-hearted people of Hawaii (tomorrow’s target), and envision a light of white energy emitting from your psyche that creates a bubble of protective energy around the islands.  Empower that bubble with all the energy you can muster and watch it expand as others add to it. 

Remember, the energies you send out are real and based in natural law, while the vapid prayers of the DC 40 cult that has fallen away from their own god, have no power unless we give it to them.  Thus we must stand together in the fight against this evil.

October 3, I began lighting a black candle loaded with protective herbs and resins and sealed with protective oils and used words like this throughout the day:

Gracious people of Hawaii,
you shall prevail against the forces of evil directed toward you
by the newest cult that goes by the name “DC40”
Let their evil intentions fail.
Keep us strong in the fight.
As I will, so mote it be.

On October 4 I did the same for Alaska, envisioning the majestic splendor of the wilderness with its wildlife and hard working people, and continue for the next 21 days for each state in the reverse order that they joined the union.

October 3  Hawaii
October 4  Alaska           
October 5  Arizona        
October 6  New Mexico  
October 7  Oklahoma     
October 8  Utah           
October 9  Wyoming
October 10 Idaho   
October 11 Washington
October 12 Montana     
October 13 South Dakota
October 14 North Dakota
October 15 Colorado
October 16 Nebraska
October 17 Nevada
October 18 West Virginia
October 19 Kansas
October 20 Oregon
October 21 Minnesota
October 22 California
October 23 Wisconsin
October 24 Iowa 
October 25 Texas 
October 26 Florida
October 27 Michigan
October 28 Arkansas
October 29 Missouri
October 30 Maine
October 31 Alabama

November  1  Illinois
November  2  Mississippi
November  3  Indiana
November  4  Louisiana
November  5  Ohio 
November  6  Tennessee
November  7  Kentucky
November  8  Vermont
November  9  Rhode Island
November 10 North Carolina
November 11 New York
November 12 Virginia
November 13 New Hampshire 
November 14 South Carolina 
November 15 Maryland
November 16 Massachusetts 
November 17 Connecticut
November 18 Georgia
November 19 New Jersey
November 20 Pennsylvania
November 21 Delaware
November 22 Washington DC


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