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Introducing Your Children to the Divine Mother

Our most ancient ancestors worshiped the Goddess, as She was the source of fertility and life. The people served the Goddess and She in turn served them.

With the advent of institutionalized religions and their extensive proselytizing and mission work, She was displaced by organized religions throughout the world, but She is becoming known to more and more people in the modern age. With each full moon, solstice, equinox, and seasonal celebration, many of which were adopted by mainstream religions, we are given the opportunity to teach our young ones about Goddess and God in our many traditions…

They get to see that each person is a member of our divine family. They come to know the blessing of diversity in life and faith and follow a lifestyle that works with nature rather than against it. We teach the history of our religion and how it is growing stronger. Our children come to understand that each new incarnation gives us a chance to live, love, and learn and eventually take all of it back to our spiritual source. They come to experience a true Divine Family that consists of a Mother and a Father and their children.

We teach them also about the wisdom of the ancestors and the greatest teacher in our world — nature. Most importantly, we have the opportunity for our young ones to learn about our connection to the world, to the divine creative force of the universe, our interconnectedness to each other, and about living within the boundaries of a life that honors all of us.

There is nothing that brings us more peace and joy than experiencing the loving embrace of our Mother Goddess. And through Her we learn the most important lesson of all — unconditional love — love of the Divine, of family, of life, and of the entirety of our world.

Blessed be!


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