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There are times when we feel disconnected from our beliefs and our spirituality.  We all go through those times, and they are quite normal.  Sometimes this loss of faith leads us to a consider an entirely different path and encourages us to reevaluate foundational questions … how did we get here and what is our purpose.  Other times is causes us to take a closer look at our current standards of faith or lack thereof and seek a remedy through that channel.

Is there something we can do to reset or stimulate our core beliefs?  Yes.  I find that ritual re-tunes our spiritual mechanism and brings us back into balance.  When I sense the beginning stages of that feeling of disconnectedness, I touch base with my friends who have similar beliefs.  I also sit down and write what I’m feeling and what is in my thoughts.

One important factor in a loss or temporary break in our faith is our failure to nourish it.  I find that most people who are in the throes of feeling disconnected are lax in meditation and ritual.  When I first started my pagan journey, I celebrated every Sabbat and esbat, did daily devotions, and read everything I could find that increased my understanding of spirituality and interconnectedness.  After a few years Sabbats and esbats would slip by with only a brief thought about it, or the bedrock of my beliefs would get lost in the distractions of every day life.

It can be a bit lonely when you practice a solitary tradition and that makes it easier to suffer these feelings of disconnect.  But the important thing to remember is that solitary doesn’t really mean alone, it simply means that the intimate foundation of your tradition is how you define and live your tradition.  This means that there are others out there who feel the same way you do, good people who support you and are there for guidance when you are at a loss.  Just knowing they are there can turn you around.

In order for your tradition to thrive, however, you must live it every day.  Don’t just go through the motions of preparing the daily dinner.  Look at each element and consider its origin.  Remember our ancestors and their importance in developing agriculture and animal husbandry.  Do the laundry remembering the hands that grew and harvested the cotton and the hands that operate the looms and machinery that make the final product.  Be mindful while washing dishes of the water that fills our planet and sustains every part of it.

Once you accomplish the reconnecting of yourself to the rituals of daily living, you will find your spiritual compass again and continue to grow in the process.


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