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Fundamentalism & Politics — a Deadly Mixture

Can a marriage of government and regressive religiosity ever succeed?  The fundamentalists and Catholics don’t seem to realize the ramifications of their political infiltration and their demands and expectations.  If they want to get an idea of how such things turn out, they should look to Iran and other nations that maintain power within a religious state.  Is that what we want for America?

Christian regressives believe a woman should have no rights over her body and its reproductive functions, that a pregnancy that may or may not produce a live birth should have preference legally over her rights.  They believe also that gays are somehow less human than they are and thus do not deserve equal rights.

Religionists have every right to their beliefs.  And atheists, agnostics, and those of other beliefs have every right to be free from the oppression of those religionists.  Fundamentalist religionists have no self-imposed right to force their beliefs on all through national laws.

Let’s imagine a great politician with much backing who happens to be a devout Hindu.  Imagine his campaign to outlaw the slaughter and consumption of cattle.  This is a very critical aspect of their faith that involves the murder of human souls that inhabit the bodies of cattle.  This belief is older than Christianity.  Surely we as a society should support a candidate that is determined to protect the innocent souls of our ancestors.

Now imagine a powerful Jewish candidate running for office and his moneyed constituents demanding laws to make it illegal to touch any product of a pig.  Would we even take such a political position seriously?  Are these positions any less valid than those of the regressive religionists running for the GOP nomination right now?  Are only fundamentalist and Catholic beliefs valid in our pluralistic society?  Are their demands and expectations even constitutional?

Do not be deceived; the Catholic Church is a political entity and has been from the very beginning when Constantine declared it the state religion in Rome, a move that opened the world up to some of the worst crimes against humanity ever witnessed, from the witch hunts to the Crusades.

Remaining silent is not an option we can afford.  Those regressives who have taken over the GOP are attempting to erode the very foundation of this republic and I have to wonder why so many people are supporters of this fascist effort to destroy this diverse nation.



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