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Every so often we come upon a Christian site that pretends to know all about Witches and Witchcraft but actually reveals lies, ignorance, prejudice, and an attempt to corrupt our young people and seekers of a better way.  Here is the latest.

This becomes so tedious, but it is necessary to dispel lies, misrepresentations, and transparent diversions, contradictions, and hypocrisy.  We find claims by hateful evangelicals that they are versed in the subject of Witchcraft, Paganism, and Wicca; but nearly all who make such claims clearly have not studied anything remotely related to the subject.  They rely upon their own distorted ideas and failure to learn what they blindly wish to attack.

I see from the pentagram you wear and all your other magical charms that you believe in the power of magic.  Perhaps you have attended a Wiccan gathering or you have participated in magic rituals.  I don’t know.

I see from the cross you wear and all of your other magical charms that you believe in the power of Christian magic and mysticism and somehow feel that entitles you to make false statements about other religious and spiritual paths and pass judgment on things you clearly know nothing about. 

But so many questions fill my mind.  Have you “drawn down the moon” yet?  Have you ever felt a power come upon you?  Do you worship a particular goddess?  Have you been initiated?  Do you have a Wiccan name?  Have you gone sky-cladding?  Are you in the outer or the inner circle?  Have you used blood in your rituals?  Have you ever called forth a familiar spirit?

First, do not confuse Witches/Witchcraft with the modern religion of Wicca.  Do not try to pass off practices based on ancient practices as “new age” or other false entities.

Drawn down the Moon… Yes, to experience indwelling deity cannot be compared to any other human experience.  It is something that cannot be experienced by those who belong to institutionalized religions that follow a transcendent God. 

Worship the Goddess… I honor the creative force of the universe I call Goddess/Mother.  We have no desire to honor or worship a male middle eastern desert deity fashioned after earlier pagan religions and devoid of a complete divine family. 

No, I’ve dedicated myself, but I’ve never been initiated.  I suppose that would be similar to the Christian acts of baptism and confirmation.  It’s not something real witches worry about.  Wiccan name… no, I’m a Witch, not a Wiccan. 

Gone “sky-cladding”… a rather modern practice.  Manner of dress or undress are not really relevant to me, nor is there any indication that it was relevant to our ancient ancestors.  Many of our rituals take place outdoors and as such we find it more comfortable to be clothed.  But I do understand there are religious sects that have come to view the human body as something disgraceful.  Witches have no such idiosyncrasies

 Inner or outer circle… I use only one circle, a sacred circle that sets apart space wherein rituals can be performed, quite like the altar in a church building. 

Blood in rituals… no.  I think only Catholics deal with blood in rituals. 

Called forth a familiar spirit… sure.  We are surrounded by spirits who guide us and help us when we have the need.  Those of institutionalized religions do the same; they call the spirits they call upon “saints” and/or “angels.”

The reason I am writing to you is that I have studied the occult for over thirty years and I have come to certain conclusions.  I know that you will disagree with some of my conclusions because we have traveled different paths.  But I have the added benefit of the testimonies of those who used magic in the highest levels possible such as the Golden Dawn and the O.T.O. and then have come to faith in Jesus Christ and have now renounced magic.

If they have turned to faith in Jesus Christ, they have not renounced magic… they simply call it by another name.  There is no indication whatsoever that the author has any knowledge regarding ancient practices and Witchcraft.

All I ask is that you have an open mind and give serious attention to the things I now bring up.  Remember an unexamined faith is a worthless faith.

It was having an open mind that caused me to ultimately reject Christianity.

#1.  The fact is, magic does not work.  After all the talk about the “power” that people can get from magic, I have never known a more powerless group of people.

The author has been seriously misinformed.  Our source is the Divine force of the universe.  I’ve experienced no similar power in man’s institutionalized religions.  And even my young grandson has on many occasions worked very successful magic.

What I have noticed is that for its claims, no one has ever been able to handle poisonous snakes without being made ill or dying as a result of its bite.  No human I’ve known has cast out demons or spoken in languages with which they have no knowledge.  I’ve never met anyone who has given everything they own to the poor and traveled with no baggage to do missionary work.

Many of those who use magic are sick all the time.  They go through multiple marriages.  They have money problems.  Their cars get flat tires.  They get their share of flues and colds.  Even more seriously, they cannot beat their own drug or sex addiction.  They are usually in bondage and totally powerless to change their life for the better.

Many of those who call on the Bible God and pray for healing every day are sick all the time.  They are told in the Bible that if they ask for anything in Christ’s name (John 14:14) it will be given to them.  Yet I’ve witnessed devout believers pray day and night over a child dying of cancer only to watch him/her suffer a slow and painful death.  Face it, their brand of magic simply does not work. 

As many who use magic are sick as those who engage in Christian magic.  It’s part of being on a human voyage.  Every single person, religious or not, will suffer illness, and every single person will one day die.  We are not here to avoid the experiences; we are here to learn from them.

Bondage:  I can think of no group in greater bondage than those who worship the Bible God (I’m referring to fundamentalist and evangelicals).  They must follow the commandments written in an ancient book or risk their very souls. They have been deemed unworthy and incapable of true relationship with their God because of their “sin.”  They are, in fact, commanded to love their God.  Witches cannot imagine worshiping a deity who has to resort to commanding them to love him.

Let’s address real hypocrisy and the false teachings in which institutionalized religions are mired.  The book such believers follow has been redacted and translated too many times to count, yet it supposedly remains static.  Following its ancient practices and edicts prevents the follower from growing spiritually and renders them unable to relate to the Divine on a level that transforms them from the inside out.  While they latch on to excerpts that tickle their prejudices and personal worldly beliefs and distort what the book actually says, they reject out of hand those things that condemn what they do or that can no longer be applied to life in the 21st century.  They talk about “biblical marriage” yet have long ago abandoned true biblical marriage.  Such dishonesty does not happen in the Craft. 

If magic really worked, they would never be sick.  They would win every horse race in town!  They would own Wall Street by now!  They would be able to maintain a successful marriage.  Witches would be picking the winning lottery numbers every week.  But the fact is, when the “rubber meets the road,” magic simply does not work.  You can waste a lot of money and time on magic and be no better off.  In fact, you will end up worse off.

If you substitute the word “Christian magic” (prayer and ritual) you’d get the same results.  I have a wonderful marriage that spans almost 50 years.  I’ve been healed as a result of magic spells/rituals.  I have received financial help through magic spells/rituals.  And no deity has ever promised that if I say the right words that anything and everything I ask in a deity’s name will be given.  For us, it’s much more than simply asking and receiving.  You are not granted that which will bring harm to you or someone else.

#2.  Their lame duck excuses as to why they are sick or why they can’t keep their marriage together or why they aren’t rich, are weak and feeble.  One psychic “healer” (a relative of mine) is sick all the time.  Her first husband is dying of cancer!  When she boasted to me of her magical powers, I confronted her with the rather obvious fact that her magic did not work for her or for her ex-husband.  She replied that her magic will not work for herself.

I know many, many evangelical Christians who are chronically sick, and experience failed marriages, even though they have given their troubles and their lives over to Christ.  Christians do claim the ability to heal the sick, and heal marriages, yet their health and their marriages are just as sick if not more so than Witches.

But who says that you cannot heal yourself by magic?  Where is this written down?  And who says that your husband or wife cannot use magic to heal you?  If her magic cannot help herself or her husband, then what good is it?

The truth is that no magic, whether Christian or Witchcraft, can heal what ails humanity all of the time.  Witches do indeed heal themselves.  Why this person’s make believe psychic friend can’t is personal to her, not a general fact.  My husband’s cousin was a wonderful devoted priest.  He died in his 20s of cancer.  Why didn’t God heal him?  He was doing God’s work.  He gave his entire life over to Christ.  Since Christian magic (prayer/ritual) cannot heal everyone all the time, even the most deserving, what good is it?

I could not help but also point out that she is always crying about money problems.  What use is her magic if it cannot make her rich?

Magic is not a game.  It is a serious matter that must be used very judiciously.  One does not become rich by working magic any more than one becomes rich when they pray to Jesus for it, even though the Christian holy book promises that you will be given everything you ask for in his name.  Why doesn’t it work for the Christian?

#3.  A magical worldview is internally contradictory and hypocritical:

To say, “There are no absolutes” is to give an absolute.

Double-talk nonsense.  Of course there are no absolutes.  That is blatantly evident in observing different cultures in different times.  In the Bible rape was condoned as was slavery, plural marriage, concubinism, human sacrifice, and genocide.  Murder was sanctioned and even practiced by the Bible God.

To say, “Do what thou wilt, this is the whole of the law” has been used to justify everything from black magic to human sacrifice.

I don’t recall the Jews and early Christians who practiced human sacrifice using some non-existent “law” to justify it.  It was used to appease God.  Sacrifice has been practiced in all ancient religions and cultures.  It is not practiced in Witchcraft or any other religion today except Catholicism.

As to “Do what thou wilt” … this is proof that the author of this article has not studied Witchcraft and its history at all.  He seems to think that this phrase taken out of context means Witches are free, both morally and ethically, to do anything negative and not be held accountable.  We know this is a blatant lie.  If the author actually knew anything about the practice of Witchcraft, he would know that the phrase is summed up, “Love is the law, love under will.”  Even so, Witches have never adhered to such a diktat, it is associated only with modern Wicca.

If there are no standards, then on what grounds can witches condemn child abuse, Hitler, murder, etc?  They can’t.

Who says there are no standards?  Of course we can and do condemn those things as they are crimes against humanity and nature.  Witches are some of the most moral and ethical people you can know, because they understand perfectly that each and every one of us must take full responsibility for all we do and all we promote.  Thus it would not even enter our thoughts to ignore human atrocity.  What standard in Christianity condones and allows church leaders to sexually abuse children?  To divorce for reasons not sanctioned by Christ Jesus?  To take the road of judging others?  It’s time for the author to take the plank out of his eye.   

To say “Everything is relative” and “There is no evil,” and then to turn around and say that Christianity is “evil” is contradictory.

Nonsense.  There is no denial that evil exists, but it is not some strange creature outside ourselves that brings evil into our lives.  Evil exists because people create it themselves by what they say and what they do.  Christians don’t take full responsibility for it, however.  They rather blame it on some all-evil creature they invented to absolve themselves.

To say, “Everyone has the right to believe what they want” and then to condemn Christians for what they believe is contradictory.

Maybe that’s because that is a blatant lie.  Christians, like all who perpetuate evil, condemn themselves.  Everyone has the right to believe what they want, but they do not have the right to force it on others, nor are they absolved when what they believe causes harm to others.  Witches KNOW evil, they don’t have be given a list of wrongdoings in order to recognize it.

To say, “Do what thou wilt” and then to tell Christians NOT to do what they wilt is hypocritical.

This makes no sense whatsoever.  If Christians want to do what they wilt, that’s up to them.  Taking the phrase out of context completely and purposely distorts the meaning, however.  It’s no better than taking this phrase, “…God our savior [who] desires all *men* to be saved and to come to the knowledge of truth…” out of context to show that Christian men only are eligible to be saved and come to the knowledge of truth. Women are not included in that promise.  If you clearly have no understanding of a phrase, don’t try to use it as a teaching premise.  You make a fool of yourself.

To say, “It is wrong to judge/condemn others,” and then to judge/condemn Christians is contradictory.

Nope, no contradiction at all.  We are quite free to judge and/or condemn others as we see fit.  This author, however, is clearly judging Witches based on lies and misinterpretations, which is clearly condemned by his God.

#4.  A magical view of life does not correspond to reality.  No magic is going to make you thin if you do not stop eating.  No magic will make you rich if you do not get up and go to work.

That’s quite right.  If there is a point there, it misses.

The claim of modern witches that they are reviving pre-Christian paganism is not historically true.

Yes, it is historically true.

The rituals and beliefs of modern day magic are of recent origin.

The author needs to study history.  We base our rituals and daily workings on ancient pre-Christian practices – agricultural, lunar, solar, fertility, natural healing; and their corresponding seasonal celebrations.  They are combined with what we learn and experience now.  Therefore, they are a combination of both the old and the new.

A close relative of mine who is into the occult told me that he was going to use magic to get himself a parking space in N.Y.C.  I in turn told him that I would ask Jesus to get me a space.  He drove around for four hours before finding a place while I found one at once and did not have to go around the block even once!  His magic was not even good enough to find him a parking space!

The old “close friend” ploy, huh.  The process of visualizing and manifesting such things as parking spaces is nearly 99% effective for me.  I don’t use it that often, however, because it is a trivial use of the power of the Craft.  If the author finds one immediately, and attributes it to a ritual or spell, that’s great.  But he can’t expect it to work every time.  Neither do Witches.

A magical view of life is a cop out and it breeds irresponsibility.  Instead of taking responsibility for their life, those who use magic always blame “bad luck” or claim that someone is using black magic against them.  The truth is that YOU are responsible for the choices you make in life – not magic.

Nice attempt at diversion, but the truth is the exact opposite.  It is Christians who blame something else – their “Satan” deity – for the bad that happens.  If the author knew anything at all about Witches, he would know that we accept completely that we are responsible for all we do.  There is no such thing as “magic made me do it.”

It attracts people with mental problems.  Sad but true.  I have seen this many, many times.  The State Mental Hospitals are filled with people who were users of magic.  It appeals to nut cases.

I have to wonder how people can live with themselves when they make up such lies.  There is no truth whatsoever in that comment.

They live in constant fear of the powers they draw down.

Why on earth would we fear the powers that freely love and join with us?

Hence they need the occult protection of the circles, towers, shields, charms, etc.  What a terrible religion of fear!

Another attempt at diversion.  There is nothing hidden (occult) in the use of ritual.  There is little difference between Christian practices and Pagan practices.  The terrible religions are those that hold the faithful to them through fear – fear of angering a wrathful God and being sent to “hell” for what they do.  What a terrible religion of fear! 

If you depend upon trinkets such as pentagrams to protect you, you do not have any real power.

Just as a cross, holy water, prayer beads, candle lighting, incense, etc., don’t provide protection for non-Pagans?  The author is obviously ignorant of the fact that it is not the object that has power; it is energy that has been placed within it that gives it purpose.

To think that a stupid piece of metal or glass is going to protect you from a demon is just plain stupid.

First, we don’t have problems with “demons.”  Does this author really think that holy water or metal symbols protect them from their demons?  It is the power that has been concentrated in objects both they and Witches use all the time that provides protection.  They are important tools.   

The lust for blood is evil.  It has led to horrible crimes.  Killing animals and people for their “energy” is wicked as well as criminal.

Couldn’t agree more.  I assume that’s why most Christians no longer engage in such practices.

Sex magic is filthy and gross beyond words and involves child abuse, bestiality, sodomy, etc.  You will never have a normal satisfying sex life once you debase yourself in sex magic.

The author makes a fool of himself once again.  Sex magic involves only committed couples.  It has nothing to do with child abuse (the bastion of priests & pastors), bestiality, sodomy, or anything considered negative within a loving relationship.  It’s a real shame that people like the author of this article find something as beautiful as consensual love between two committed people to be “filthy.”  And here I thought that Puritans no longer existed…

Magic is for losers.  The greatest magicians all ended up broke, alone and miserable.  Check to see what happened to people like Crowley.  They were all losers.

Sorry, but Crowley did not live the lifestyle of a Traditional Witch.  As for losers, why do you think people cling to Christianity?  Because they consider themselves losers, sinners, and weaklings who cannot save themselves and must rely upon a scapegoat offered by their God.  Most Witches, including myself, have wonderful, loving spouses and families and live comfortable lives.

Whenever a true Christian challenges them, the magicians always lose.  I have challenged occultists to take their best shot and they always failed.  On one occasion, a coven sent demons to kill me but I did not even get a headache!

What nonsense.  Why would any Witch/Pagan engage in puerile games of power with religious egoists.  Really, this author needs to grow up. Witches aren’t into that sort of nonsense.

While there is a lot of hate and lust in magic, there is no love.

I have found that to be quite true with regard to evangelical and fundamentalist Christians today.

If you leave or reveal the secrets, they will try to kill you.  I helped to move a girl from Phil. to Fla. to escape her former occult friends.  If they really loved her, why did they try to kill her?  If she wanted to leave the group, why did they object to her doing what she wilt?

I don’t know a single Witch/Pagan who engages in hate or lust magic.  Don’t such idiots as the author of this article have any sense of logic or desire for truth?  If they must rely on such lies to promote themselves, their faith must be terribly weak.

There is no forgiveness, comfort or salvation in magic.  It has no Savior or God who loves and cares for you.  The occult is lonely, sad, cold and sterile.

Our Divine Mother does not place us in a position where we must be “saved” though the killing of another person.   Since we take full responsibility for all we do, rectifying situations of our own creation must include asking for forgiveness for our misdeeds.  Comfort and peace in our Creator Mother are superior to what we ever experienced from the Bible God.  We require no “savior” as we take full responsibility for all we do.  We do not need to use a scapegoat to make us spiritually right.  We do not find the acts of revenge, genocide, murder, and evil perpetrated by the Bible God to be loving in nature and reject them completely.

The Bible says that the true power behind the magical arts is Satan.  Those who deny this are the dupes of the devil.

Talk about dupes.  We care nothing for what a holy book written by men for the benefit of men says.  It’s a source that does not grow or change or provide for every circumstance we may encounter.  Making up an all evil entity and then claiming others worship it without their knowledge is simply ludicrous and the height of arrogance.

All you have been told about “Goddess worship” in history is a lie and has been refuted by many scholars years ago.  Most of what you believe and practice was invented in the 19th century by such evil people as Crowley.  The beliefs and rituals of modern witchcraft were not connected in any way with pre-Christian paganism.

Sorry, but this poor soul has been fed a bowl full of lies and lapped it right up.  Our most ancient ancestors worshiped the Feminine Divine.  They understood the concept of the fertility of the earth and all that exists on it.  They knew it could not be connected to a male god with no means of nurturing.


These are just a few things that came to mind as I thought about what I have learned in thirty years of research in the occult.  The Lord Jesus Christ has broken the power of the magic and has brought life, love and immortality to light through the Gospel.  Jesus Is Victor!

This is so sad.  When people have to resort to misrepresentation and lies, they are steeping themselves in the arrogance that Jesus adamantly condemned.  Jesus did not break the power of magic, he taught it!  He didn’t bring immortality; the spirit is and always has been immortal.  The immortal part of us is the spirit that was created by our Divine Mother from her very own spirit and delivered into the body.  We are not people having a spiritual experience; we are spirits having a human experience.   And Jesus wasn’t even the first to die and resurrect to save his people.  It’s an entirely pagan concept. 

The occult has nothing to offer that compares with the love of Jesus.

Jesus cannot begin to compare with the love we have in our Creator Mother.  She does not create evil entities to tempt and mislead us.  She does not sacrifice one for the lives of others.  Our Mother does not punish the spirit for the acts of the flesh.  She does not create places of torment into which she condemns her children.  The biblical idea of love is not even close to that which is experienced with our Divine Mother.

Turn to Him in repentance.  Renounce your witchcraft as the works of the devil.  Burn you magic books and smash you altars.  Turn or burn.  Repent or perish!  Jesus is Victor!

These words insult any god of love and can come only from someone who has never studied comparative religions or the ways of our ancestors.  Sadly, this author has totally bought into the religious institutions of man.  Some of us simply will not settle for such a vindictive “victor.”






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